The Habbill is an effective learning and training instrument for the professional nail technicians.

The Habbill appears as the answer for the need of long training times to achieve the level of proficiency required for the nails market.

Practice is a major factor for achieving good results. With the Habbill it’s possible to train and perfect the art without being dependent on the availability, schedules or other barriers human models may present.


Habbil versus Human Model

The Habbill faithfully reproduces the human hand in all its details and intricacies.

Therefore it is possible to replace a human model with the Habbill during the training period, whenever a new technique requires perfecting or even as a model for Nail Art.

The Habbill is never late.
The Habbill doesn’t complain or make demands.
The Habbill never gets tired.
The Habbill never gets hurt.
The Habbill is always available.


Teaching with the Habbill

The Habbill provides the teachers of nail technicians the ability to give an education with efficient results.

With the Habbill, schools have the ability to transmit to its students all the necessary knowledge so they can become excellent professionals in the future.

The Habbill allows teaching of all Nail Stylism systems, namely acrylic, fiber glass, Nail Art and especially gel.

One of the problems of teaching gel system is the long waiting time for it to hardening. Habbill’s fingers are removable so they can be individually placed under the UV lamp while work on the other fingers continues.


Learning with the Habbill

To become a highly skilled Nails technician requires good schooling and a long period of practice from the student. Being a good professional requires a considerable amount of training and persistency.

The Habbill allows for intensive and effective training in order to achieve perfection. 

With the Habbill the student can train all the necessary steps and as many times as it takes for the ideal performance and results to be achieved.


Defending a brand with the Habbill

The full knowledge of the techniques for the use of the products is inevitably connect to the success of a brand and therefore the training given to the future professionals is one of the pillars of the preservation of a brand in the market.

The success of a brand is unconditionally connected to the success of its future professionals.